DARC OV D22 takes over DL-DX RTTY Contest Group

After the DRCGWW RTTY Contest as well as the DL-DX RTTY Contest in 2022 could not be carried out due to the death of the longtime Contest Director Götz, DJ3IW (sk) and health problems of Bernd, DC3HB, the DARC OV D22 has decided to carry out this Contest again in the future.

At this point we would like to thank Bernd, DC3HB for his work so far and for handing over the domain to us. We would also like to thank Werner Maier, who has been responsible for hosting the website so far.

The old website is still available at https://drcg.de/old/ to view the previous contest results and awards.

The new team is anxious to create all necessary tools, to plan procedures and to acquire enough manpower, in order to accomplish in the future the Conteste exactly so professionally, as the participants are used to it!

73, the DRCG.de team